Nadia Kawafi’s residency has just finished but her online exhibition is now up and live! For desktop viewing follow the link to Nadia’s exhibition page, for phone viewing head on over to our IGTV @CBSGallery

New in the shop...

Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould
Heart Throbs

Our newest addition to the shop, Heart Throbs, is a publication by Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould that takes you on a journey through a selected history of their oddball idols and pop cultural objects of affection. More info...

Helena Geilinger
Hell on Earth Cap
£15 cap only
£20 with Refuge Donation

Available in three colours with an optional donation to Refuge, a charity doing amazing work trying to put an end to domestic violence and violence against women and girls. More Info...


Graduate Residencies:

The 2020/21 graduate residencies were announced at the Degree Show On Mars launch on the 5th of June.

We’re really happy to have Parice Bowyer, Emma Dolan and Nadia Kawafi joining us from September. 

Visist the show