Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould / Pink Sands

Helena Geilinger 
£15 cap only, £20 with Donation

Jemma Egan
£135 framed, £95 unframed

Gideon Vass
£75 framed, £45 unframed

£50 framed, £20 unframed

Karanjit Panesar

Alexander Duncan
£135 framed, £95 unframed

Alexandra Gribaudi & Theodore Plytas
£100 framed, £60 unframed

All of our editions are made by artists that we’ve worked with in the past or who we intend to work with in the future. The editions and products in the shop provide an opportunity to collect affordable artworks and support the artists involved, as well as contributing to the funding of our programme.
All of the print editions are framed in-house with TLC by CBS.

To discuss framing options or if you have any inquiries about a purchase please email us at

Allow 3-5 working days for UK delivery.