Joseph Hulme, Liam Peacock & Theo Vass

Workshop Table 

A Cucumber Fell in the Sand
With Fran Disley, Gregory Herbert & Footsketz

13·07·2019 - 29.09.2019

For Fran Disley’s recent exhibition A Cucumber Fell in the Sand at Humber Street Gallery in Hull we were invited to make a modular workshop table drawing on philosophies of American architect and systems theorist Buckminister Fuller as well as Hull’s own Joseph Rank of Joseph Rank Limited. Both, pioneers in environmentalism and food production.

We collaboratively designed a table that reconfigures into different shapes derived from a hexagon and separately produced four stools to accompany the table. The table legs were stained with Avocado Pip dye produced by Fran and various other elements coloured with Turmeric and Black Bean Dyes.