Reading Week

28·11·18 - 09·12·18

fs presents Reading Week

Part exhibition, part contemplative study space, ‘Reading Week’ sees a series of invited artists initiate peer support and study whilst presenting live works that deal with text and reading, words and speaking, linguistics, language, looking and learning. Situated around a specially made, malleable seating installation influenced by a collection of egg cups, an ongoing Reading List was nestled there too, with the installation playing host to two Saturday afternoon Reading Groups.

fs is a free school, led by Artist Kevin Hunt, running for 12 months in Liverpool comprising an intensive curriculum of feedback sessions and further studies financed in part by an evolving set of artist multiples for sale with other free stuff intermittently available.
NOV 28
‘Awkward Dinner Club’ an evening of food and conversation hosted by Louise Hobson

NOV 30
‘The Host’ a spoken-word performance by Freya Dooley

‘Thoughts on the air become words in print’ a book launch and performance lecture by Mark Simmonds

‘SOFT SHELL HARD CORE’ an audiovisual performance by Dylan Spencer-Davidson

‘Slide Night’ a nomadic slide projector performance evening hosted by Thomas Whittle