“Nutrient Market” - Gregory Herbert

Opening Day: 6 August 16:00 - 20:00 
Exhibition Dates: 6  – 22 August 

Open by appointment 


'Nutrient Market' explores Myco-Heterotrophy, a type of plant that has learnt to cheat the system. Instead of photosynthesising a Myco-Heterotroph draws the energy and nutrients it needs to survive from nearby plants, via a shared mycorrhizal fungal network.

Like a Myco-Heterotroph, Tech corporations have become a parasitic entity within the digital network. These tech corporations extract resources (data) within the network and convert it to valuable and powerful commodities. As the sticky streamers from these networks become entwined within daily life, how do we navigate these ever more complex networks.

Herbert has worked with Anna Souter on a newly commissioned text to accompany the show.

Design: chezboris.design