Gregory Herbert & Dan Mahony

Reality Pt 2

08·05·15 - 23·05·15

Exhibitions are frequently solely experienced online, their digital representations act as politicized agencies negotiating increasingly dominant networks. As art continues to operate in spheres more closely associated with the mass media it exhibits a growing complacency with the nature of these networks. Art is no longer critical of its most pervasive forms of documentation but is instead content to operate within its realm without engagement. Rather than resist the language of consumerism and the mass market it is possible to occupy its modes of expression. 
This exhibition is presented as an attempt to exercise complete control over its own consumption by adopting the dictatorial nature of consumerist media and removing the possibility of subjectivity by not allowing a physical manifestation. Here we present a selection of artists that construct their own visions of reality, liberated from any obligation for representation their authored world-views are free to exist as carriers of content.