Jemma Egan
︎  UCCI, 2017
C-type Print on Kodak Velvet
edition of 5
420 x 237 mm

£135 framed
£95 unframed

Please email info@cbsgallery.co.uk to express interest in a particular edition

Karanjit Panesar
Untitled (gloopy clay), 2017   ︎      
unfired stoneware clay
195 x 165 x 135mm




Alexander Duncan
︎  Like Swimming, 2017
Unique block prints on cotton rag paper
393 x 505 mm

£135 framed
£95 unframed

Play it cool, 2016  ︎
Print on paper
285 x 404 mm

£50 framed
£20 unframed

Edition 49/50




All of our editions are made by artists that we’ve worked with in the past or who we intend to work with in the future. The editions and products in the shop provide an opportunity to collect affordable artworks and support the artists involved, as well as contributing to the funding of our programme.

All of the print editions are framed in-house with TLC by CBS.

To discuss framing options please email framing@cbsgallery.co.uk before you make your purchase.

Allow 3-5 working days for UK delivery. If you have any inquiries about a purchase please email us at info@cbsgallery.co.uk